Game Reschedules

A reminder that all game reschedules need to be submitted to the league by 8pm on Wednesday nights for games taking place that weekend.  Our referee assignor needs time to manage this. Thanks!

Game reschedules are worked by parish coordinators (the home team coordinator is responsible when rescheduling a game postponed due to gym closure) and submitted to the league for approval. When rescheduling games, please make them adjacent to an existing set of games at your school/parish or if that is not possible, please reschedule two or more games back-to-back. While not ideal, we will be able to get referees for weekday games if that is the only time available for your parish/school to host a game. Monday and Wednesday nights are preferable for our referees and please schedule 2 or more games together.

If a game cancellation is the first or last game of the day, or is in the middle of the day, the league will not be doing anything about that.  If the game is the second of the day or second to last of the day, we will move the first or last game up or back to close the gap in the schedule.  We will not be asking permission for these types of changes, everyone needs to be flexible this season and read their email to see the game change notifications to which all coaches have been subscribed.  We will NOT be closing gaps in gym time under any circumstance when a cancellation is made within a few days of the game.  It causes too much confusion.