Feb 23 Update: Basketball season is now officially over! Some great games this weekend. Congratulations to all tournament champions and runners up. The schedule for boys volleyball will be out in a few weeks and the season starts on March 16th!

Key Information


For better service, please use our Communication Form to communicate with the league. You can ask questions, share a positive experience, and report incidents of misconduct. By using the form, your questions will be routed to the appropriate people which will result in a quicker response to your questions and resolution of your issues!

Communication Form
The coach of the winning team is responsible for reporting the score of the game within 48 hours of the game being played.  Coaches can access score reporting from several places:
  • Report Scores menu option on the Portals->Coach menu
  • Report Score box in upper right corner of Coach Portal
  • My Team Schedule section of Coach Portal
  • Subscribe to Score Reporting Notifications and receive email with link on game day
  • ALL parents/guardians must fill out the GCCYS Liability Waiver form for each of their children. A copy of the filled out form will be sent to the email address you specify on the waiver. In addition, after submitting the form, you may choose to print it out for your own records.

    Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. PLEASE NOTE, that a liability waiver only needs to be filled out once per school year. If your daughter participated in fall volleyball and is playing winter basketball, there is no need to fill out another form.

    If you create a user account before you fill out a waiver form, you can view and edit your form from your Subscriber Portal. You must be logged into the web site when you fill out your waiver form to take advantage of this.

    Liability Waiver Form

    Please click on the PDF icons below to familiarize yourself with the rules for our boys and girls basketball and volleyball leagues.

    Girls Volleyball Rules

    Basketball Rules Updated 10/23/19

    Boys Volleyball Rules

    Codes of Conduct (NEW!)

    Check out the GCCYS Compliance Page which contains information about VIRTUS Training, Lindsay's Law, Liability Waivers, Concussion Training, and more!

    GCCYS Compliance

    Most meetings will take place on the last Wednesday of the month at the Boy Scout Center in Evendale unless otherwise noted. Our next league meeting will be on Wed. Mar 25th at 7pm at the Boy Scout Center. There will be no meeting in February.

    New documents have been posted to the Document Respository. Click on the icons below for quick links to the following documents.

    League Structure

    Charter on Youth Athletics

    GCCYS League Governance

    Officer Roles/Responsibilities

    New Member Application

    Committee Nomination Form

    Required Parish Info

    Basketball Tournament Info

    Check out the links below.  You can also access this tournament information from the Post Season Tourney option on the Schedule menu.  

    Find my Bracket Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym Physical Bracket

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    Next Member Meeting March 25th

    Our next member meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 25th at 7pm at the Boys Scount Center in Evendale.  An agenda will be available before the meeting.  There is no meeting in February.

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    Tournament Champions

    Girls Basketball
    Bracket Champion Runner Up
    3G Group A Guardian Angels Waleskowski 3G BB Mother Teresa Birkle 3G BB
    3G Group B Mother Teresa Schaefer 3G BB St. Francis De Sales Keyes 3G BB
    3G Group C St. Gabriel Merrelli 3G BB Holy Family Tipton 3G BB
    3G Group D St. Gertrude Carp 3G BB St. Susanna Huffman 3G BB
    3G Group F Sts. Peter and Paul Cook 3G BB St. Mary Palermo 3G BB
    4G Group A Mother Teresa Shawger 4G BB St. Gertrude Wordeman 4G BB
    4G Group B St. Columban Green 4G BB Bethany O'Dwyer 4G BB
    4G Group C Mother Teresa Stroud 4G BB St. Susanna Smith 4G BB
    4G Group D Sts. Peter and Paul Rader 4G BB Nativity Wiseman 4G BB
    4G Group E St. Mary Geopinger 4G BB Sacred Heart Turner 4G BB
    5G Group A Guardian Angels Strange 5G BB Immaculate Heart Long 5G BB
    5G Group B Guardian Angels Bell 5G BB Cardinal Pacelli Ondo 5G BB
    5G Group C St. Joseph Hamilton Massey 5G BB St. Ursula Villa Sedler 5G BB
    5G Group D St. Barts Schlichter 5G BB Holy Family Dobrozsi 5G BB
    5G Group E St. Bernadette Sharp 5G BB All Saints Cooper 5G BB
    6G Group A Sacred Heart Even 6G BB St. Barts Sheppard 6G BB
    6G Group B Cardinal Pacelli King 6G BB Guardian Angels Mcintyre 6G BB
    6G Group C St. Michael Hileman 6G BB Immaculate Heart Gerome 6G BB
    6G Group D St. Margaret of York Kinross 6G BB St. Gertrude Mancini 6G BB
    6G Group E Sts. Peter and Paul Sweeney 6G BB Cardinal Pacelli Lee 6G BB
    7G Group A Guardian Angels Strange 7G BB Sacred Heart Cosgrove 7G BB
    7G Group B St. Susanna Jewell 7G BB St. Francis De Sales Yontz 7G BB
    7G Group C Mother Teresa Harmeyer 7G BB Nativity Ciccarone 7G BB
    7G Group D SASEAS Stitt 7G BB St. Gabriel Hedrington 7G BB
    8G Group A St. Susanna Carnevale 8G BB Guardian Angels Birk 8G BB
    8G Group B Sacred Heart Lees 8G BB Bethany Whalen 8G BB
    8G Group C St. Gertrude Carrington 8G BB All Saints Lemmons 8G BB
    8G Group D St. Susanna Sagel 8G BB St. Margaret of York Peddicord 8G BB
    8G Group E St. Michael Miskimens 8G BB St. Margaret of York Huiet 8G BB
    Boys Basketball
    Bracket Champion Runner Up
    3B Group A Mother Teresa Schaefer 3B Sts. Peter and Paul Nash 3B
    3B Group B Nativity Brenzel 3B St. Francis De Sales Luers 3B
    3B Group C Annunciation Bolton 3B St. Barts Merkle 3B
    3B Group D Immaculate Heart Donovan 3B Holy Family Swanson 3B
    3B Group E St. Margaret of York Taggart 3B St. Louis Breitenstein 3B
    3B Group F CHCA Packard 3B St. Gertrude Brisken 3B
    4B Group A Mother Teresa Edwards 4B Guardian Angels Schneider 4B
    4B Group B Cardinal Pacelli Smith 4B St. Margaret of York Cameron 4B
    4B Group C St. Columban Rigby 4B All Saints Vanden Eynden 4B
    4B Group D Holy Family Kimener 4B St. Michael Appel 4B
    4B Group E St. Barts Thompson 4B Holy Family Umberg 4B
    4B Group F St. Barts Marsh 4B CHCA Marcum 4B
    4B Group G St. Joseph Hamilton Lantis 4B St. Gertrude Holmes 4B
    5B Group A St. Ursula Villa Fucito 5B Cardinal Pacelli Perkins 5B
    5B Group B Guardian Angels Conrad 5B Immaculate Heart May 5B
    5B Group C Immaculate Heart Batchelor 5B St. Gabriel Engelhardt 5B
    5B Group D CHCA Adams 5B Sacred Heart Burns 5B
    5B Group E All Saints Peterson 5B CHCA Price 5B
    5B Group F St. Barts McGraw 5B St. Veronica Eiser 5B
    5B Group G St. Gertrude Finnan 5B St. Barts Otto 5B
    6B Level 1 All Saints Trombley 6B Mother Teresa Mcgeady 6B
    6B Level 2 St. Margaret of York Taggart 6B St. Columban Stineman 6B
    6B Level 3 St. Peter in Chains Pendergest 6B SASEAS Lemmel 6B
    6B Level 4 SASEAS Hantak 6B St. Susanna Thompson 6B
    6B Level 5 Gold St. Veronica Baker 6B St. Mary Bollinger 6B
    6B Level 5 Silver St. Vincent Ferrer Everly 6B Nativity Wiseman 6B
    7B Level 1 St. Susanna Gerstner-Groskopf 7B Guardian Angels Mog 7B
    7B Level 2 St. Michael Gergen 7B Guardian Angels Johnson 7B
    7B Level 3 Nativity Englert 7B St. Susanna Smith, Jr. 7B
    7B Level 4 St. Peter in Chains Mathews 7B St. Francis De Sales (WH) Lackey 7B
    7B Level 5 Gold St. Vincent Ferrer Childs 7B Guardian Angels Mindrum 7B
    7B Level 5 Silver SASEAS Mollaun 7B Holy Family Ptaszkiewicz 7B
    8B Level 1 St. Margaret of York Duco 8B Guardian Angels Ionna 8B
    8B Level 2 St. Michael Sears 8B St. Thomas More Rees 8B
    8B Level 3 St. Barts Coyle 8B Nativity Schaefer 8B
    8B Level 4 St. Vivian Lee 8B St. Susanna Asher 8B
    8B Level 5 Gold St. Ann Mueller 8B St. Michael Devita 8B
    8B Level 5 Silver Cardinal Pacelli Rhoades 8B Guardian Angels Heikenfeld 8B

    Basketball T-Shirts


    Click on the button below to access the order form for basketball tournament and regular season division champions! Coaches or coordinators must order shirts by March 1st! New this year is the ability to have your school name printed on the back of the shirt. Please look at all three forms and determine what is right for your parish/school!


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