Winter Tournament Champions

Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym

Boys Basketball Tournament Winners

Division Champion Runner Up 3rd Place
3rd A  Queen of Peace Dirheimer  Mother Teresa McGeady  All Saints Madueme 
3rd B  Holy Family Mack  St. Margaret of York Taggart  Immaculate Heart Kuhn
3rd C  St. Mary Dorr  St. Columban Stineman  St. Susanna Sorce
3rd D  Cardinal Pacelli Veith  St. Bernadette Kent  St. Margaret of York Reder
3rd E  St. Barts Schmitz  Sts. Peter and Paul Vonder Meulen  St. Veronica McDonald
3rd F  Sacred Heart Alatorre  All Saints Shaffer  St. Susanna Schafer
4th A  St. Columban Green  Immaculate Heart Huster  CHCA Brenner
4th B  Guardian Angels Waleskowski  St. Clement Hendricks  Immaculate Heart Otten
4th C  SASEAS Mollaun  St. Veronica Tenkman  St. Mary Stewart
4th D  St. Margaret of York Herkes  St. Margaret of York Riehle  St. Margaret of York Bachman
4th E  St. Nicholas Chittum  St. Bernadette Boland  
4th F  Bethany Phillips  SASEAS Clifton  Nativity Beluan
4th G  Mercy Montessori Toraason  St. Vincent Ferrer Ratusz  St. Barts Otten
4th H  SASEAS O'Connell  St. Margaret of York Burkey  St. Margaret of York Clay
5th A  St. Margaret of York Noyes   Sts. Peter and Paul Gallo   Guardian Angels Ehlers
5th B  Cardinal Pacelli Mueller  St. Susanna Frient  St. Susanna Heile
5th C  Queen of Peace Collins  St. Susanna Kahle  
5th D  Cardinal Pacelli Veith  St. Gertrude Hartung  St. Columban Geselbracht
5th E  CHCA Hesketh  St. Columban Brezinski  St. Francis de Sales Thomas
5th F  St. Veronica Planitz  Mother Teresa Bachmann  St. Francis de Sales Pacetti
5th G  St. Mary Furnish  St. Gabriel Heflin  St. Cecilia Whittaker
6th L1  Immaculate Heart Caldwell    St. Mary Mazza
6th L2  Guardian Angels Hirt  St. Michael Tierney  SASEAS Martin
6th L3  St. Francis de Sales (WH) Lackey    St. Susanna Muenchen
6th L4  St. Mary Cherry  Guardian Angels Scherzinger  St. Columban Andrews
6th L5 Gold  St. Bernadette Schooley  St. Michael Schultz  Immaculate Heart Nosal
6th L5 Silver  Guardian Angels Danko  Mother Teresa Todd  St. Ursula Villa Connelly
7th L1  St. Margaret of York Meyer  St. Michael Brock  St. Columban Titus
7th L2  St. Nicholas Sears  Mother Teresa Sabourin  
7th L3  Guardian Angels Brune  Sacred Heart Maher  
7th L4  St. Michael Huster  St. Veronica Dolan  St. Thomas More Dugan
7th L5 Gold  Annunciation Voner  Immaculate Heart Rodell  St. Gabriel Curtis
7th L5 Silver  Guardian Angels Mindrum  St. Susanna Drach  Guardian Angels Mindrum 2
8th L1  All Saints Trombley  Immaculate Heart Swan  St. Margaret of York Noyes
8th L2  St. Susanna Kratzer  St. Thomas More Kocisko  Queen of Peace Enginger
8th L3  St. Peter in Chains Pendergest   St. Nicholas Mathein  Sacred Heart Marot
8th L4  St.  Margaret of York Davis  St. Francis de Sales Hayes  St. Thomas More Hornback
8th L5 Gold  St. Ursula Villa Yagodich  St. Louis Gerrard  St. Ann Abner
8th L5 Silver  Mercy Montessori Spelman  St. Veronica Poetker  


Girls Basketball Tournament Winners

Division Champion Runner Up 3rd Place
3rd A  Sacred Heart Even  St. Margaret of York Goodhart  Immaculate Heart Mills
3rd B  Immaculate Heart McCaughey  Immaculate Heart Gerome  St. Susanna O'Connell
3rd C  St. Columban Falter  Guardian Angels McIntyre  St. Bernadette Frede
4th A  Sacred Heart Cosgrove  Immaculate Heart Jones  Immaculate Heart Knarr
4th B  St. Barts Merkle  St. Mary Hamant  St. Susanna Hudie
4th C  Guardian Angels Creech  St. Columban Pilon  St. Margaret of York Shisler
5th A  Immaculate Heart Caldwell  St. Barts Burns  St. Vivian Niesen
5th B  Guardian Angels Fesenmeier  St. Mary Schuermann  St. Susanna Hogan
5th C  All Saints Ward  SASEAS Hofmann  St. Thomas More Dugle
6th Gold  All Saints Milton  Guardian Angels O'Toole  Sacred Heart Mathews 
6th Silver  St. Columban Shaffer  St. Barts Birdsong  Cardinal Pacelli Schoettmer
6th Bronze  St. Gabriel Wesner  SASEAS Miller  All Saints Kilgore
7th Gold  Sacred Heart Mangino  St. Susanna Kiener  Guardian Angels Frey
7th Silver  St. Vivian Hoffman  Sacred Heart Wolterman  St. Margaret of York Corrigan
7th Bronze  Bethany Woodard  Mother Teresa Stroud  Guardian Angels Hamad
8th Gold  St. Susanna Carnevale    St. Columban Ripperger
8th Silver      Sacred Heart Bauer
8th Bronze  St. Joseph Williams  Queen of Peace Colins  St. Gabriel Denegar


Girls Volleyball Tournament Winners

Division Champion Runner Up 3rd Place
3rd Gold  St. Louis Gillings  Good Shepherd Egan  
3rd Silver  St. Ursula Villa Cutter  Nativity Lydon  St. Gertrude Cordier
4th Gold  St. Ursula Villa Butcher  St. Gertrude Leder  Nativity Bose
4th Silver  St. Michael Brock  St. Ursula Villa Cavanaugh  St. Clement Hyde
5th Gold  St. Ursula Villa Hall  St. Ursula Villa Workman  St. Nicholas Meyer
5th Silver  St. Max Crowe  St. Michael Caulfield  St. Louis Thompson
6th Gold  St. Nicholas Burwinkel    Good Shepherd Egan
6th Silver  St. Gertrude Weidenbacher  St. Michael Kemp  Nativity Longeway
7th Gold  St. Gertrude Kaniecki  St. Ursula Villa Roberts  Nativity Pierson
7th Silver  St. Louis Hebbler  St. Michael Garay  Nativity VanHaren
8th Gold  St. Michael Taubert  St. Nicholas Mumper  Nativity Dejonckheere
8th Silver  St. Louis Whitaker  Royalmont O'Rourke  St. Gertrude Albers