Girls Volleyball Tournament

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The schedule for the 5th-7th grade tournament HAS BEEN POSTED.  Most opening round matches for that tournament will be on Saturday, November 4th with a few taking place on Friday, November 3rd.  An email was sent to all 5th-7th grade coaches and parish coordinators on 10/26 with information about the tournament.

Coaches, PLEASE REPORT YOUR TOURNAMENT SCORES IN A TIMELY MANNER.  Teams are advanced through the tournament based on a score being reported.  If one of the teams wins the first two sets, a third set will NOT be played.  If your parish is hosting a championship or consolation game, you should be receiving an email from the league about trophy pickup and/or delivery.  All coaches will be sent an email on the day the schedule is released with information about the tournament.  Good luck to all teams!

Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym